Corda by Liss is a company run by Liss.

Based in the Netherlands, I make Jewelry specifically out of Bass and Guitarstrings used by bands and musicians.
I’m always out to gather more strings, enjoy music and come up with new designs.

Why stringjewelry?

Loads of strings go into the landfill every year. I was recycling bits by making jewelry as a hobby. As I got my hands on some sets from more known musicians, and saw the happiness it brought to fans, I wanted to do more. For me, strings aren’t waste. They get to make music, tell a story, and stick around as a reminder.

Why custom?
Each and every story is different. Strings played different songs, jewelry will go to different people. I want the strings to tell one more story, and to fit the person wearing it.

I specialize in custom, but I experiment with my own creativity as well. You can find my most popular designs in the webshop.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!